4AM Wins PGI.S Weekly Final 2, Winning Price, Results, Points And Everything

(PGI.S) PUBG Global Invitational.S Week 2 is finished and ‘4AM’ takes First Place. The full form of 4AM is ‘Four Angry Men’. Undoubtedly, it was hard for them yet they pulled it off.

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4AM played excellent this week and their team play was really good. They have shown that they are capable of winning indeed. 4AM (4 Angry men) is a Chinese team and their current lineup is

  1. XXXLu
  2. Crazzy112
  3. GodV
  4. Forever
  5. Pignan
  6. Xiaoyao

4AM Winning Points And Price Amount

So, the Total prize pool of the Tournament was 5,810,000$ USD. 4AM won 112,365$ USD by winning week 2 Finals. However, they played a total of 10 matches and it was a hard battle for them. Yet they gave their best and won. They got 85 points. 1 Chicken Dinner and 53 kills.

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Second And Third Place

The ‘Infantry’ got 2nd place with 78 points. They played Good but couldn’t take first place. But they gave their best indeed. Team ‘Infantry’ is in 2nd poison with 78,406$ USD. ‘Shootto Kill’ got third place with 3rd winning price of $52,936$ USD.

PUBG is one of the most leading games of Esports. The game is under the top 5 battle Royale gaming category. As the game is so famous and popular at the same time, PUBG Esports throws new tournaments for the best players in the world.

Those who voted for 4 AM won 100k Ep points. With those EP’s players can buy different guns and in-game items and skins. These predictions are hard to make. Any team can win these games. There is no surety. Every player should use their coupons wisely. PGI.S 2021 is one of the biggest tournaments of PUBG.

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