5 Valorant Tips and Tricks You must follow to be Professional

Valorant Tips and Tricks

Valorant is a multiplayer tactical first-person shooter game. The game is developed and published by RIOT GAMES. This 5 vs 5 free to play game has become extremely popular among PC gamers during a short period of time. Here are 5 tips and tricks on how you can make your gameplay improve.

Valorant Tips and Tricks

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1: Use Less W and S button

Use less forward and backward button (W and S set as default). This is a simple trick nevertheless tremendously effective. When you use W and S more, you are more likely uncover yourself in front of enemy more. Most importantly, it will be hard to lock your target while shooting.

2. Pick Corners Without Slow Down Your Movement

Picking corners without using slowing your movement. If you play in default settings, then do not press shift while moving side by side pressing A and D. It is a great factor many players don’t know the potential about it. Opponent cannot listen or track your movement while you press A and D. Therefore, if you go slow while picking corners, opponent will get more time to lock you while targeting. So don’t go slow. Speed up your movement.

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3. Perspective

While you are going one on one, you need to know the visual range of your opponent. Suppose you are hiding exactly behind the wall and trying to see your opponent. By doing so, you are more opening up your body to enemy. But while hiding, if you move 5 or 6 steps far from the wall, opponent will see a little bit of your body and get less chance to shoot you.

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4. Keep your classic gun as backup

Normally you also have your classic pistol when you buy a shorty. When you put the classic pistol on the floor, and when the round starts, you get the shorty out, that gun will despawn. You can buy a shorty on the floor instead, and through the shorty. So you can get yourself a new classic for free. Now when you’re holding the classic and you can use them both through the shorty on the floor after the round begins. This allows you to very quickly shoot your enemy without loading the guns.

5. Basic Call Outs

If you have already played Counter Strike, then it will be easy for you to understand. If you are a new gamer and has started playing Valorant, then you should know these call outs.

  • Frag means kills
  • CT means Defender Spawn
  • T means Attacker Spawn
  • Eco Round means Economy round
  • Heaven means High Ground
  • Hell means Low Ground

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So hopefully after reading these Valorant tips and tricks, you can learn more tactics of the game. We wish you to be a better player towards the journey of your game.

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