8 Million Ways Added To Customize Xbox Controller!

xbox design lab
Credit: Xbox

Xbox has come with a piece of really great news that the Xbox Design Lab is back again. Also, it added more features and you can now customize it in 8 million ways!

What is Xbox Design Lab

Xbox Design Lab is the modification of the Xbox external controller. This is a pretty straightforward answer. Basically, Xbox offers various ways to customize the Xbox controller. Xbox players can change any external part of their controllers such as the body, D-pad, Triggers, Bumpers, and many more.

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Players can look distinctive making their controller different from others. Players can also add their names, Gamertag, or any words or messages. However, the characters are limited to 16. This will be done with laser engraving.

What Is New In The Xbox Design Lab Latest Update

Strating today, 17th June, Xbox Design Lab has brought the new Xbox controllers. Also all the updates and features are available in the new Xbox controllers.

How Many Colors Are Available In The New Xbox Design Lab Update

18 different types of colors are available. One of the most interesting news is these 18 different types of colors are obtainable for most of the pieces of the controllers. And Xbox has added 8 million ways to customize the controllers starting from very small parts.

Xbox Design Lab New Colors

Xbox has introduced 3 new colors in this update. The colors are as follows: 

Shock Blue

Pulse Red

Electric Volt.

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This is to say, these colors are made from plastics. The plastics include 30% of post-consumer recycled (PCR). That means it can help to reduce the waste plastics from the planet. So by making one of the desirable controllers, players can help to reduce plastic waste. This is interesting. 

What is New In the Xbox Design Lab Controllers?

The Xbox Design Lab Controllers team added a new black-on-color ABXY button option, a new black-on-white color option for the View, Share buttons, and Menu.

Xbox Lab Design Price

Players from the US, Canada, UK, and most western European countries can buy for USD 69.99. If players want to add laser engraving, it will cost USD 9.99 extra. In total USD 80 approximately. Nevertheless, it is completely optional. 

Delivery Time of Xbox Design Lab Controllers

The delivery time is 14 working days from placing the order. 

Xbox Design Lab Start Date And stop date

In October 2020 Xbox paused their Design Lab and now they started again. The Xbox Design Lab was first released in 2016.

Here You can Visit Xbox Design Lab to visit and place your Order.

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