Agent 15 Valorant Leaks! Name, Abilities, Release Date, Teaser, Location, All information And Details

agent 15 valorant

It features the new Agent 15 which is said to be from Ghana.

Valorant new Agent 15 has recently leaked in a teaser. It was discovered by a player called Cynprel who found some sort of flashing lights on different maps. Which leads to believe it could be a new, incoming 15th Agent. Just like how Agent 14, Yoru’s footstep was revealed on Icebox.

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Valorant Agent 15

Valorant new Agent 15 is still unknown but according to the leaks. It is from Ghana this time. And also that a new Tier 38 play card will be added alongside it.


Yet not revealed.

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Release Date

Yet not revealed.

Anticipated Abilities Of The New Agent

The powers of Agent 15 are unknown. But from the Embers that have started to appear on different maps make players suspect a new incoming agent in the game. And also predicts a new Tier 38 play card. And also the Agent’s power to have both a Smoke and Flash. As the Embers contain both a Smoke and a Flash texture. In addition, it is also a special type of flash where it will release smoke and flash the opponents.

And quite a few players also offer another reason. Which is that the flash texture is just to accentuate a star effect on the orb and nothing else more than that. While some players also suspect it to be something like remote smokes or some kind of gravity/slow field.

But, nothing can actually be said. Due to the lack of information regarding the new Agent and its power.

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