Among Us April Bug Updates | Full list of bug fix for improvement


InnerSloth has recently revealed their Among Us April Bug Updates and this will remove a lot of bugs from the game and this will solve a lot of the problems.

Among Us is a free-to-play online multiplayer game. It is developed by the American game studio InnerSloth. It was in 2018 for Android, IOS, and Microsoft Windows.

This game has a space theme and only two modes to play. The modes are Crewmate and Imposter. The mode is decided randomly for each player in a match. The Crewmate has to do all the tasks and find the imposter and The Imposter has to fake the tasks, kill the crewmates and be safe from crewmates so that they can’t guess he is the Imposter.

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Among Us April Bug Updates

A lot of new bug fixes have been added to the game and InnerSloth has given us the full list of the bug fixes. Here it is:

Bug Fixes:

  • Airship uses proper background on Create Game screen now.
  • Authentication issues when players tried to sign in have been fixed on PC and mobile.
  • Miscellaneous fixes to text/font
    • Ping counter re-added.
    • Region text no longer always shows North America, even when in other regions.
    • “PLAYERNAME left the game.” alignment fixed.
    • Another scaling/formatting issue is fixed.
  • Miscellaneous fixes to accounts.
    • Mostly backend stuff
    • Reflow in 2021.4.12 removed MismatchedProductUserIDs and NullContinuanceToken errors (multi account/device support)
  • Vitals color bug has been “fixed” (vitals no longer shows color names at all)

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Progress Report Style, 15 players’ lobby, 6 new colors, and a new meeting screen will be added to the game. We have found this information till now but the devs have something hidden all the time. Let’s see what comes in near future.

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