Among Us April Updates | Patch Notes And Bug Fixes V2021.04.12

InnerSloth has revealed the Among Us April Updates and the Patch Notes and Bug Fixes for the Recent Update. The Patch notes will solve different kinds of bugs and enhance the gameplay of the Airship Map.

Among Us is a free-to-play online multiplayer game. It is developed by the American game studio InnerSloth. It was in 2018 for Android, IOS, and Microsoft Windows.

This game has a space theme and only two modes to play. The modes are Crewmate and Imposter. The mode is decided randomly for each player in a match. The Crewmate has to do all the tasks and find the imposter and The Imposter has to fake the tasks, kill the crewmates and be safe from crewmates so that they can’t guess he is the Imposter.

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Among Us April Updates

InnerSloth has leaked a list of patches to improve the game and smooth the gameplay for the players.

Patch List:

  • Account login flow solved
  • Multiple users can now log in to the same device (no more MismatchedProductUserIDs error)
  • Missing skins from Airship Bundle will be fixed
  • Text graphical will be updated
  • Translations are Updated
  • Setting an invalid birthdate no longer makes account initialization fail
  • Sabotage menu no longer replaces minimap for Impostors
  • Room names are now consistently layered on the map
  • Develop Photos task does not finish instantly
  • Comms sabotage can no longer be repaired by ghosts, Impostors can now repair
  • Other various bug fixes

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