Among us Glitches- Kills Everyone, Still Defeat!

After the new update, The game Among Us glitches and the issue is serious. The game stops the imposters to get to the winning side.

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So our very favorite Among Us game is being problematic sometimes while playing. The issue is mainly when you play the role of an imposter. You can kill all of the players and still get defeated! Are you a bit shocked if this has not happened to you till now? Yes, it is true. The game has some bugs and the glitches make this problem.

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Among us Glitches

The issue occurred with innumerable players. While playing as an imposter, the person will try to kill the astronauts. If he/she succeeds, sometimes the game does not it. It starts a countdown of different elements fixing time.

Now the thing is no astronaut is alive and the imposter is the only one. Or might his other allies are alive. At that time the only thing is to do is wait.

Because the player can do whatever but as everyone is dead, he cannot use the astronauts to fix the issue. And after some time, the game ends. And the interesting fact is the imposter or him with his allies get defeated.

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Surprisingly the bug was not before and after the recent new update, this troublesome is occurring. It could be the game’s recent update is not fully optimized and the changes have some kind of errors. Sometimes when a player reports himself/ herself, the game Among Us glitches or crashes. Hopefully, the Among Us devs fix this issue very soon.

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