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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, one of the best Nintendo mobile games, to have ever been released. For a quick go-through, the game is basically a free mobile game, where players can interact, make friends or also collect various items to create the desired campsite.

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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

So now, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp mobile have currently announced their new update which involves loads of new features, summer-themed content and much more. The update was just recently launched. And just as we discussed, the game is going to have a summer-based theme along with limited-edition bonuses, rewards which will be given on one condition. And only that, this new update will also have an AR Camera which is going to discuss below in the broad description.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Limited-Edition Bonus

Starting with 1st August 2021 up to 4th August 10:59 PT, 2021. Players can now have access to limited-edition bonuses just by simply making a stop or pause at the campsite. And as a result, players will receive the Fortune cookies and other summer-themed items, outfits and much more as the limited-edition bonus.

Details of New Item Pearl Oyster Shell Cushion

Furthermore, players can also exclusively get the Pearl Oyster Shell Cushion, on August 27th in 10:59 p.m. PT at one condition. The condition states the players simply as linking their Nintendo Account to other devices. And doing so will give the players automatically the new Pearl Oyster Shell Cushion item.

And as for players, who have already linked their Nintendo Account to other devices, do not worry as you have already received the item. Simply check it up in the ”My Nintendo” Icon in the game’s menu to find out more about it.

Ar Camera Feature Helps Players

Additionally, with the new update, players can now officially take a snap with campsite managers and friends or game-mates that you may know, to forge a better memory and relation.

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Moreover, in the new update, a new feature called ”Simple Snapshot Mode” is available. In this mode, players can take loads of snaps and select from the desired one out of all the photos, making this particular feature very helpful and convenient!

Personal Preview And Opinion

Personally speaking, the new update is really astonishing and delightful. Although it will take quite the storage, still it is worth it. Starting with the bonus, rewards, features to the items, outfits everything including the summer-based theme is perfect. Besides, it has been quite a lot of time since the players have received such a good update.

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