Ant-Man Skin In Fortnite, Bundle Ant-Man X Portal And Fortography

This is about the New Ant-Man skin In Fortnite is here with Ant-Tonio ( back bling), and toothpick which is the weapon of the outfit.

On Sunday, March 7th, Fortnite has released their new Ant-Man bundle which is the reference to the Marvel Disney character Ant-Man. It is currently now available in the Item Shop. And it contains the outfit, back bling called ”Ant-Tonio” and a weapon called “Toothpick”.

Design and Details of the Bundle

In this new bundle, there are 3 total items in the Item Shop. And they are as follows:

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Ant-Man Skin in Fortnite

Apart from being the Marvel Hero character, he is also a superhero with the ability to resize himself and the ability to control insects.

And in terms of the design, we do not need any further introduction about the Ant-man skin in Fortnite. Because we already have seen or heard about the hero. But for those who do not know of the Marvel character. It is a red-white and black colored suit with a red-eyed and white-spiked helmet on top of it with the ability to control its size and manipulation of insects as mentioned previously.


Apart from being the back bling of the Ant-Man, it is also a four winged insect.


It is the weapon of Ant-Man. But it is quite different than that of a pickaxe. It is just a half-eaten pickle or something on the Toothpick weapon of the outfit.

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Price of the Bundle

The original price of the Ant-Man bundle was 2300 V-Bucks. But since it is a limited edition bundle, 600 V-Bucks have been discounted. Making it 1800 V-Bucks for the bundle.

But, of course, if players want to purchase it individually, it is possible. But, it will cost like 1500 V-Bucks for the Ant-Man suit and Ant-Tonio. And 800 V-Bucks for the remaining item, Toothpick.

Ant-Man X Portal

In addition, there is also the Ant-Man X Fortnite Portal which is located on the map, Gorgeous Gorge.

Ant-Man Fortography

And at last, the Ant-Man Fortography. Where players will have to make Ant-Man or any other Fornite characters look exceptionally small and then taking as usual the screenshots. And then posting it on Fortnite’s official Twitter page using the hashtag #Fortography. And let the team and players observe your artistic pictures and gain fame.

Personal Preview And Opinion

Although, the Ant-Man skin in Fortnite is cool to see a Marvel Hero character in the Item Shop. But, still, it is quite unfortunate to see that there are so few features and items with the Ant-Man bundle. Whereas there is no trailer of it, or a emote, glider, or at least the Wasp Outfit.

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