Apex Fight Night Skins- Event Exclusive Offers

So fight night event is finally here, and you get the chance to buy Apex Fight Night Skins exclusive items with exclusive offers.

The bundle for Apex Fight Night Pathfinder’s Skins exclusive offers includes:

  1. Fight Night Bundle
  2. Battle in Bloodhound Bundle
  3. Precious Metals BUndle
  4. It’s Ya Birthday Bundle

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Apex Fight Night Skins

Memoir Noir

You get this skin in Fight Bundle Pack. The skin looks absolutely gorgeous indeed. You can say that the skin is all orange in particular. You get a little mustache on the face and of course, it looks great. Without a doubt, this is the most hyped skin of all Apex Fight Night skins. However, you have to spend 2500 apex coins to buy this bundle. In addition, the bundle includes Epic weapon charm Fedorable and Rare Pathfinder Kill Equip along with the skin.

Loba Skin

In the precious metal bundle, you get this skin. Look at the Loba skin. It is remarkably likable. The dress is super shiny and especially gets reflected in lights. The color if you look it is kind of light bluish and the hair is ash. Yes, gamers have a mixture feeling on this skin, however, it looks so nice to me. With this bundle, you get an Epic R-301 Skin. This is the only bundle right now you are getting price off. The actual price is 2800 Apex coins. But now you can buy with 1800 Apex Coins at a discount price.

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Apex Fight Night Skins

Bloodhound Skin

The Battle In Bloodhound Bundle is the most expensive bundle in Apex Legends Fight Night Event. The skin really suits the character. Other than that you get 7 Fight Night Event Collection Pack with this bundle. However, you have to spend 7000 Apex Coins to buy this total pack.

Lifeline Skin

The It’s Ya Birthday Bundle includes this lifeline skin. Surely, The fashion design of the lifeline skin is amazing. Another thing is, in every lifeline, the hair color looks always great hair and this time is also no different than that. Also, You get 3 Fight Night Event Collection Pack with this bundle and you have to pony up 2500 coins for this.

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Here are some skins of the weapons to show. The skins look gorgeous and every weapon looks great.

Looking at this we can bet that the Respawn team really spent much effort on making the Apex Fight Night Skins.

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