Apex Launched Galactic Guardian Horizon Skin

Galactic Guardian Horizon Skin
Image Credit: Apex

Along with the new collection event, the Apex team revealed the Galactic Guardian Horizon skin for Horizon and much more!

Genesis Collection Event is an epic and old-school-themed event that the team has released for a short time. The event covers and holds a huge amount of content as updates like the Kings Canyon And The World Edge Return, the Skull Town Arena, and many more rewards, offers, quests, etc.

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And if that was not only enough, the team has tremendously added the nerf/buff of some Legends and the epic, Galactic, and Super Space hero suit for the Horizon, called the ”Galactic Guardian Skin”. Below are the full description and ideas of the skin and nerf/buff:

Apex Galactic Guardian Horizon Skin Details

As mentioned previously, along with the updates and patch notes in Apex Legends, comes along the epic rare and legendary skins! And outer-space saviour, ‘”Galactic Guardian” is also one of them. Although it is a limited-edition skin that will last up to 13th July 2021, it is still worth putting your efforts and money into this skin!

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Galactic Guardian Horizon Skin Design

With the robotic-themed suit, it looks like the Galactic Guardian Horizon skin is quite detailed and epic. The different robotic arms and legs of the different unique colorful, mechanical parts of the skin make it definitely look the part.

Returning to the topic and the updates and patch notes, the team has also made tremendous nerf/buff of many Legends. Talking about the Horizon skin from my side, I personally liked the skin and it looks actually pretty with the white-pink-purple-colored suit up.

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