Apex Legend Ranked Arenas will Launch in Season 10

The new season of the game will introduce Apex Legend Ranked Arenas that is a new Rank Mode on Arena games. The director of the game Chad Grenier confirmed it during the EA play Live spotlight broadcast today.

Apex Legend Ranked Arenas

The new game mode was first launched back in the month of May on the season Legacy. But there was not any ranked system on this game mode. Apex Legend kept themselves focusing on the Battle Royale mode for so long. Now they will try to bring a new competitive feeling by launching Apex Legend Ranked Arenas.

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Apex Legend Ranked Arenas Realease Date

Arena first appeared on the game in Season 9. And then, we are highly expecting a ranked mode on Arena on the next Season of Apex Legends. But the developer’s key focus will remain on Battle Royale game mode.

Grenier, one of the leading developers of Apex Legends said, “We just released Arenas in season nine, and in season 10, I can confirm that we’ll be releasing a ranked version of Arenas. Battle Royale will continue to be a primary focus for Apex.

Grenier did not confirm any other major details about the newest Apex Legend Ranked Arenas. So we still do not how the new game mode will be and how it will affect the meta of professional to casual players. For now, we have to play the waiting game to see how it will be until they release any official patch notes for Season 10.

We may get some additional information during the EA Play Live Conference that will be held on July 22. Otherwise, we need to wait till Season 10.

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