Apex Legends 27th May Update | Valkyrie nerf and some minor patches

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Apex Legends 27th May Update. This update nerfs the passive ability of Valkyrie and deals some patch notes in the game.

Apex Legends is one of the most popular online first-person shooter games of this time. It has around 70 million players worldwide. Players can compete in a three-man squad with their friends or random players like most other battle royale games. The main motive is to land and find guns, shields, and other survival stuff to survive till last and kill all other players.

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Apex Legends 27th May Update

It was a much-needed update for the players as they were facing many problems for the Valkyrie passive ability. The ability used to give the players an unfair advantage that causes them to win the initial last fight of the match as they can hover with the ability in the air for a long time. But the devs knew the issue and they solved it in this update.

Valkyrie adjustment:

  • Hovering while using Valk’s tactical now consumes the same amount of fuel compared to hovering while not using her tactical. This is a balance change meant to address Valkyrie players staying out of the fight for extended periods of time in late-game circles.

Switch Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with Switch users being kicked from the game due to system clock manipulation. Sorry Animal Crossing time travelers! Go get your bells.
  • Added a missing confirmation message after purchasing the Bloodhound x Lifeline edition.


  • Fixed the “Win X rounds in Arenas” challenges not tracking wins correctly.


  • Fixed a flickering issue caused by Legends with light effects in the lobby.
  • Miscellaneous stability fixes.

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