Apex Legends arena modes | Devs explain why they are not bringing Bomb modes

Apex legends arena mode
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Apex legends arena modes are sure fun to play. Arena modes are 3v3 game modes. Game developers were trying to come with a bomb-style mode for the game. They made one and tested but it was not so good and players won’t like it says the lead game designer Carlos Pineda.

The Bomb-style mode was not good because the game characters are not built like the traditional defending and attacking style like others games as Valorant or Counterstrike. There are many flaws around the whole mode because game characters are not suitable for this kind of mode.

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Compared to other apex legends arena modes, this Bomb-style mode will not be good enough.

Apex Legends Arena Modes

Apex legends arena modes are 3v3 modes. It’s played in a custom map only made for these modes. Players can improve their skills and team communication by playing these modes. Because of the 3v3 situation, players can go all out not thinking about other teams to give the third party. So it improves the overall playstyle of the players and they can improve their fighting skills.

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Apex legends devs don’t want this mode because it is not meant for this game. Apex legends characters are not so good at defending a place like valorant agents. Valorant has sentinels which are clearly made to defend. But apex legends don’t have those traditional abilities.

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Apex Legends Legacy Battlepass

Credit: Respawn

If you complete the Battlepass to level 100, You will unlock the Reactive Bound in Bone Devotion skin. So get the Battlepass as early as possible to finish it.

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