Apex Legends Banned Hackers- More Than 1000 Hackers In A Few Weeks

Apex Legends banned hackers, more than thousands of hackers banned in a few weeks. Game officials are checking every report and taking necessary steps against the cheaters.

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Apex Legends Banned Hackers

Apex legends is one of the best battle royale game out there. More than 70 million players around the world plays this game. Recently the game officials are taking necessary steps to remove the hackers trying to make this game fair for every players. Respawn banned more than 1000 players in a few weeks and most of them were high ranked players. These high ranked players cheated to get into higher ranks. Respawn caught them and took some necessary steps. Most of them are permanently banned from the game.

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Apex Legends Banned Hackers Extended

Respawn Entertainment is doing a great job banning hackers. Because if they don’t take any steps against the hackers the game will not be fair. The number of hackers will increase rapidly. So it is good that they are banning them. Making the game more optimized and fair.

It is a common problem. Every online games have hackers. Game officials just need to be strict. If hackers gets banned immediately game will be more optimized. Players will be happy also. Because if someone gets killed by a hacker they get annoyed. So hackers need to be banned as early as possible. Respawn is now doing that.

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