Apex Legends Can be on Steam Deck, Says VALVE.

Valve has said that Apex Legends will run on Steam Deck. It is not officially confirmed but there is a possibility according to Valve.

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Apex Legends Steam Deck

Apex Legends will be on Steam Deck according to Valve. According to them, they haven’t found anything of the game which will not be able to handle by Steam Deck.

What is Steam Deck? – Apex Legends

A new handheld gaming device has been announced by Valve which is called Steam Deck. The steam library works on it which makes it very popular.

It has some similarities with the Switch like; dock-based charging, dual joystick controls, and also the ability to connect it to an external display. You will get 7- inch screen with a resolution of 1200 x 800. It does not support 4k. It usually lasts up to 7 or 8 hours but also it depends on use. You will get a USB-C port for charging purposes and an SD card slot for extra storage.

Is Steam Deck Good Enough then a Small Gaming Laptop?

The Deck’s components are a little bit unique. It has partnered with AMD so that they can customize a Zen 2 CPU to power the Deck and the RDNA 2 takes care of the graphics. You will get 16GB RAM and up to 512GB storage which is a solid-state.

And you will also be able to save your progress to your account and then be able to back it up on your PC. You will be able to Chat and Remote Play on this device.

Models & Price

You will find 3 different models of Steam Deck. The first one is a $400 model, the second one is a $530 model and the third one is a $650 model. They have some ability according to their models and price.

Release Date

It will start shipping out around December. But you can pre-order it now.

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