Apex Legends season 6 EVO ARMOR updates:

All Evo Armor is going to stay in Apex Legends stay. However armor health will regain to pre-Season 6 values of the game. Design Director Jason McCord have talked in detail about the changes.

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The team have explained why they made the change, also how they are reintroducing again. 

Apex Legends development team always give priority more who play with tactics. Strategic mindset of a player using the map and positioning, is the thing, Apex Legends wants to promote in the game. Despite of using all these, in the past some team outplayed other players using mechanical skill, which is not good. However, they held the situation from Season One to Season Five well enough.

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The Apex Legends team saw Red armor which is 125 shields point is found more often by players. So players were fighting with 225 point of total health. With this, nice players finally was able to beat their enemy. Despite of being in good position of the enemies, good players were able to defeat them with this red Evo Armor.

They tested this for months and found feedback was positive. However, the real feedback will come from the players. Apex Legends team always try to experience things that can add value to their players. As it is important to listen to the players who are involved in the game, the team hope this patch will come with a lot of improvement.

Apex Legends is one of the most popular games in gaming industry. Furthermore, in season 6,the biggest change is new crafting innovation. The 6 page season reads: “Your gear isn’t like it? Collect materials around the map, and better build!” However this new changes obviously for better game play and make the game more interesting.

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