Apex Legends Low Gravity glitch in firing range


Apex Legends Low Gravity glitch is a fun glitch in firing range. Now players can enjoy low gravity in training. Players can chill here from the intense battle royale game.

Apex Legends is one of the most popular online first-person shooter games of this time. It has around 70 million players worldwide. Players can compete in a three-man squad with their friends or random players like most other battle royale games. The main motive is to land and find guns, shields, and other survival stuff to survive till last and kill all other players.

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Apex Legends Low Gravity glitch

Apex players all enjoy their competitive battle royale game but if players are feeling bored or not in the mood of an intense fight then they can take a break in the firing zone. A player has found a bug in the firing range that allows players to enjoy low gravity. With a few simple steps, players can make the entire firing range low gravity, jump around to enjoy the entertaining glitch. Follow these steps:

  • Enter the firing range and switch to Valkyrie
  • Fly up into the air using the jetpacks
  • Cancel the jetpack while in mid-air
  • Quickly switch to another Legend (Pathfinder & Horizon are recommended)

By following these steps, players can get the low gravity glitch. Pathfinder and Horizon are recommended as they have the abilities that make the experience more fluid and exciting and players can cancel low gravity at any time by switching back to Valkyrie.

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