Apex Legends New Skins: Crimson Queen, Mad King, Hunter’s Moon, Gun Skins: Readline And Fresh Meat

Apex Legends New Skins include 3 Skins and 2 gun skins called Crimson Queen, Mad King, Hunter’s Moon, Redline and Fresh Meat.

It has been year two of Apex Legends. So the Apex Legends team brings new skins in order to hold the best anniversary ever. With a red and golden design, 3 skins and 2 gun skins will be available in the Anniversary Collection Event. The time duration is from 14th February to 23rd February.

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Costume Skins and Gun Skins

There are in total 5 skins. Here 2 are gun skins and the rest just simple yet beautiful costume skins. The name of the five skins are as follows:


  • Crimson Queen
  • Mad King
  • Hunters moon


  • Red Line
  • Fresh Meat

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Apex Legends New Costume Skins

  • Crimson Queen: It is a beautiful red-black colored design just like as the name suggests ‘Crimson Queen’.
  • Mad King: It is a bright and well-designed red-golden colored armor. As if a king is going to war to protect its queen and kingdom!
  • Hunter’s Moon: It is the same golden-red color skin except for its hat and red eyes. Along with the nose of a crow makes it look cool. Also, it gives sort of the pirate vibe.

Gun Skins

  • Redline: Redline is a small SMG rifle gun with a beautiful combination of red, black, and golden on top of it.
  • Fresh Meat: And last but not least, the Fresh Meat which is a rifle gun. Moreover, with Red, Black, and yellow color displays on it, gives a simple yet destructive look.

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