Apex Legends Season 8 Release Date, New Map, New Legend, abilities, Leaks, Trailer And Everything

The time of season 7 is ending though looks like it has just started, Right now we have got quite a bit of information regarding Apex Legends Season 8.

Apex Legends Season 8

Release Date

Apex Legends have announced that they will bring the new season soon. However, the exact date and time are yet to be revealed. But most likely they will bring the new season in this upcoming August.

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Apex Legends Season 8

New Legend

You may have heard about Fuse. Yes, the character was first revealed in season 6. Apex Legends will bring this new legend in the new season. Here you can see the legend which is a finished model of Fuse Character. Respawn has not officially confirmed it. However, this image has been leaked and we got this so far which will be a new character.

New Legend Fuse Abilities

Fuse will be an enthusiast. The information we got this far he will be an Australian enthusiast. His abilities will be fire, explosive, and explosion. Yes, respawn can change his abilities at any point they want, but according to the current leaks, his abilities will be fire and explosions.

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Apex Legends Season 8

Projectile Grenade Explosion Ability

Fuse can shoot grenades with his hands towards his enemies and can create an explosion. There is a chance that he might set up the grenades in a specific place and then can create an explosion when the enemies come into that particular area. Also, he will have the ultimate which will be firebomb. The firebomb will affect more radius of an area.

New Map

The new map will be the Kings Canyon map. Yes, Apex will bring that map in season 8. Know more about the Kings Canyon Map here where we have discussed the map in detail.


Talking about the trailer or teaser, it will be coming up very soon. Obviously, the trailer will bring something new and make everyone surprise.

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