Apex Legends Season 8 Trailer/ Teaser, New Stories Are Coming Today

The team has recently announced their new stories which will be in Apex Legends Season 8 Trailer from the Outlands to arrive today.

New stories from the Outlands called Good as Gold will be coming today. And Apex Legends Season 8 stats to be a 4 minute 19-second cinematic trailer. Moreover, it will also be available from Apex Legends official Youtube channel. With 8 AM PT/ 10AM CT/ 11 AM ET/ 4 PM GMT/ 5PM CEST/ 9:30 PM IST/ 1AM JST/ 3AM AEDT.

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Quite a few players also suspect that it will be ash due to his hand looking like a robot’s one if we look closely at the cinematic trailer’s front cover photo in the team’s official youtube channel.

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About Seaon 8 Trailer

Blisk is also in the trailer. Or fuse will be the next legends and if the fuse is featured by chance then the dream of having a Bangalore/ Gibraltar/ Fuze team might not be far.

Undoubtedly, with the new season 8 will come to a lot of features but at the cost of bugs and server issues as experienced players already know. However, with some time the team will also try their best to prevent that from happening.

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Besides new season 8, the king’s canyon map will also be permanently back and the world edge getting vaulted. This is interesting and created more hype. However, the shocking part here is Olympus not getting an update till season 9. But personally speaking, it would be amazing if the team just made the Kings Canyon map and Olympus permanently opened.

Although the season ended way too quickly. It still excites the players to find out which one of the legends will be picked while amidst their guesses. Along with several other events and features.

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