Apex Legends World’s Edge Map Update: POIs, Rotation And Others

A massive and drastic change has been added to Apex Legends World’s Edge Map Update as more POIs, Gondolas cart, and Apex Map Rotation are added to the game along with an unbelievable amount of climate change and structural design that has been added to the game by the devs.

apex legends worlds edge map
Credit: Apex Legends

Firstly, let us talk about the excellent plot of the Apex Legends World’s Edge Map Update. In short, after pushing the lands of the World’s Edge map to the limit. Moreover, the lands have been damaged very badly. Because the lands are fractured, destroyed, and scrambling apart to pieces. Hammond tries to minimize the damage as much as possible. They even use weather-controlling machines to change the climate or even install the Lava Siphon for the Caldera. And due to that, as a result, we can see the devastating climate changes in the World’s Edge Map.

Apex Legends World's Edge Map
Credit: Apex Legends

Also on a separate note, the devs also state, that the Apex Legends World’s Edge Map Update structure itself will remain the same. Except it might have a fun, interesting, or amazing factor added to the map.

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The refinery now would look completely different, as it is stated to have been destroyed by a lava fissure. Furthermore, Refinery has been completely replaced with a huge POI called ”Climatizer”

And regarding story-wise. The team has stated it off as, Hammond installing cloud seeding towers for the safety of the World’s Edge. And the ”Climatizer” being a necessary step and equipment towards it.

World's Edge Map Update
Credit: Apex Legends

Furthermore, the devs also explain the reason behind this drastic change and POI. The idea and concept of this came to reality. As the devs create these POI and changes for more intense and short/long ranged fights and loots. And only that, Climatizer also offers rapid gondolas and also beautiful infrastructure building. Giving exactly what the players would love to have in a battle fight.

Fissure Changes

Due to the fracture connecting from Climatizer to the Fragment East, the team has added both a lava river and a special feature. The special feature is that the river will not an airlift mechanic and furthermore will also cause damage to the players if crossed. Although it is quite disappointing, these new features and changes will give rise to intense long-ranged fights and strategies.

World's Edge Map apex
Credit: Apex Legends

Gondolas Added to the New Map Update?

Surprisingly, the team has also decided to add the ancient Gondolas back to the game again. Except for this time, these Gondolas will be added to the two new POIs, the Climatizer and Lava Siphon. Furthermore, these fast-moving gondolas carts will not only provide cover from the battle and crossfire but also a path escape from the dangerous lava and POIs.

World's Edge Map apex
Credit: Apex Legends

Lava Siphon Structure Changes

After the update, players can immediately notice the massive changes added to the place. The once chilling and party place Sorting Factory turned to a volcanic place. A new POI is introduced in the game called ”Lava Siphon”. The story of this change is basically that the Sorting Factory got annihilated by an enormous sinkhole. For which Hammond had to build up a sort of facility by pumping out all the lava from the downward sinkhole to upwards. Making it currently the most dangerous place to hold a battle fight at.

Although, personally speaking, it might be a rough place but for a battle fight, it might be even the best. As it might obviously put players in a tight close-combat fight but also offers a new amazing cover whose location is at the front/back of the train track tunnel. Also not mention similar to the Fissure changes, Lava Siphon is traversable, can cause damage to the players if it’s crossed along with also having Gondolas.

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Landslide Changes

In the new update, due to climate change, Train Yard has been destroyed by the landslide. As a result, improvements have been made to the fights, covers, loots, and to the tunnel connecting to the Fragment West. Furthermore, the hot zone is also removed from the new POI.

Skybox And Climate Changes

Apart from that, we can also see massive changes done to the Skybox in World’s Edge. From the dark-red warm place, the skybox will now look much brighter, bluer and will also feature a neutral time zone and date along with a seasonal change added to it.

Apex Map Rotation Overlook

Additionally, the team has also added a couple of new Apex Map Rotations at the dead-end part of Overlook, so that players from now on can have a much easier time rotating in and out.

Apex Map Rotation Changes In Geyser/Overlook

A new rotating has also been added between the Geyser and Overlook part, which separates from the central point of the cave tunnel to the northern end part of the place. This new rotation will help not only with getting the entire get-through of the place but will also help in rotating from one place to the northern POIs, making it the easiest and fun place to have a fight, escape or have a time in.

And these are all the changes/updates that have made their way in Apex Legends Season 10 World’s Edge Map. Although, in the near future we get a few more changes or add-ins that might be added in the game later on. But still, the new map changes not only make the places look appealing, beautiful, easy to play and fight but also give a much more dangerous and intense vibes to it at the same time.

Apart from the new legend seer and the upcoming exclusive content, the map still doesn’t lose its charm, and besides, there are also the three arenas which are Dome, Oasis, Hillside.

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