Apex Season 8 Trailer, Fuse Introduced, New Mayhem Map, New Gun, New Kings Canyon Map, All details Of the Legend, Abilities, Teaser And Everything

Apex Season 8 Trailer was released recently and it has already taken the gaming community by surprise with Fuse’s ability and the destruction of the Kings Canyon Map.

Explanation Of The Trailer

As we can in the trailer, that the Kings Canyon map was destroyed and the entrance to Fuse was not really that appreciated by everyone and did not go that well.

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Apex Season 8 Trailer

Fuse slowly makes a tune with his guitar saying that the entrance might be got out of his hand. With the flashback of his entrance, where he gets introduced with. He is the master of mayhem, the salvation of salvo, and showered with tons of applause. And then we get to see the ship on the map. After making a badass entrance with his gun shooting some type of toy. ‘G’day Kings Canyon’ saying informally and laughing it off as he proceeds to claim to be the biggest party in the outlands.

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Extended Story- Apex Season 8 Trailer

After that one of the disco machines drops off, AND A ROBOTIC VOICE comes off whose name is maggie. And then proceeding to ask the other legends to bring her this traitor’s other hand. Also, it could be to say goodbye to their precious games. With Fuse being in disagreement, maggie starts shooting which forces Fuse to run after Pathfinder and telling him to shut the program.

Finally, with no choice left, he destroys the machine. He was thinking everything will be fine after that or that’s what he thought. Maggie starts operating again for a split second. Then responded that Wally you played it well. And then continues with saying a great show needs a big finish. Then she self-destructed herself and everything along with it which also includes the map. And by map, the King Canyon map! After everything is in ruins Fuse stays still relaxed and confident. Walking cozily and like a badass to his two other legends. Then concluding the trailer with him throwing two grenades from his hand and shooting them to cause an explosive and dramatic end. And as we know, he is a grenadier and a shooter

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Fuse Ability And His Uses

As we already know from the ‘Good as Gold’ that Fuse is a sort of chilled, relaxed badass of a guy and from a place called Salvo. But apart from that he also has amazing abilities which we can see from the official trailer. It includes a new weapon called 30-30 repeater, an ability kit, and a special ability to launch grenades from his mechanical arm, causing an explosive burst. And due to this Fuse becomes a powerful legend in certain situations. Such as one example could be when in an enclosed position, you have to throw a grenade which makes it easily spotted. But instead, you can aim the grenade upward and angle it to a point downward which will make your opponent hard to evade.

Kings Canyon Map Details

As we can see from the trailer that the Kings Canyon map was destroyed. So that we can see a newly designed Kings canyon map which the devs will change completely along with the New season. Furthermore, we can also see the Artillery and Slum Lakes being destroyed. But however, to see how much it affected Artillery and Slum Lakes, we can’t do anything other than wait.

Release Date

The new launch release is to be on February 2 on PC and consoles.

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