Ariana Grande Skin Fortnite, Concerts, Release Date, Quest, Rewards Etc

Fortnite has added the new Ariana Grande skin in the Rift Tour, which brings along loads of features, events, quests, items and much more in this new special event.

Ariana Grande Skin Fortnite

With the new special event called ”Rift Tour” added in the game, where players can partake in the journey or tour of the musical part of celebrities. Fortnite could not delay but release the Ariana Grande skin with different styles and of course the items that come along with it.

And not only that, in the Rift Tour, with the hit songs of famous singer Juice World. Frequents and astonishing concerts of Ariana Grande will also be held at the same time. Below is the full description of the new skin, concerts, items and all that is.

Ariana Grande Skin Fortnite

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Rift Tour Concerts Details And Others

Furthermore, Fortnite has also added five showtimes over three days, so that the players can miss not a single moment of the journey or the shows that will be followed with it. Apart from that, players are also suggested to drop in the Rift Tour shows 60 minutes beforehand for a better experience. Additionally, on a separate note, the Fortnite Rift Tour playlist will also be available before 30 minutes, so players are also suggested to keep a check on that.

Fortnite Ariana Grande Skin Release Date

The release date of Ariana Grande skin is 6th August at 6PM ET.

Ariana Grande Show Dates And Tab Details

Also, before the Ariana Grande skins and concerts are released, the Rift Tour will firstly start off with popular tracks from singers and theme-based contents of Fortnite. And then afterwards, the shows will start off starting with:

1st Show

Friday, August 6th in the time zone 6 PM ET

2nd Show

Saturday, August 7th in the time zone 2 PM ET

3rd Show

Sunday, August 8th at 12 AM ET

4TH Show

Sunday, August 8th at 10 AM ET

5th Show

Sunday, August 8th at 6 PM ET

Additionally, players are also suggested to use the game-in Rift Tour tab for further details and information. And also, with the game-in Rift Tour tab, players can also keep a track of the showtimes schedule them up or can also even get the new latest Rift Tour Quests before it is released.

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Ariana Grande Outfits And Items Details

Moreover, the new celebrity will arrive on August 4th at 8 PM ET in both the Item Shop and Icon Series. The new skin will include a Piggy Smallz Back Bling ( a yellow color combination with love-shaped glasses), variants and of course the silver-colored Ariana Grande Outfit at the end.


Rift Tour In-Game Rewards And Quests

Players can now also hop in the game from July 6th to August 8th, to check out all the Quest available and remaining to obtain the various, amazing rewards that come along with it. The rewards include the Cosmic Cuddles Loading Screen, Rift-sterpiece Spray, Cuddly Cloudcruiser Umbrella and a Cloudy Kitty Emoticon.

Bonus Rewards Available only for Fortnite Pre-Subcription

Moreover, Fortnite Crew Active subscribers will also receive tons of bonus rewards and items simply just for free by logging in at any time in the game from August 5th, 10 AM ET – August 9th at 10 AM ET. The bonus rewards and items for the subscribers are the Rainbow Cloudcruiser Umbrella, Skype Up High Loading Screen and a Rift Tour-based banner at the end.


Personal Preview And Opinion

Honestly speaking, this new event ”Rift Tour” is just mind-blowing, as it not only contains tracks from favourite singers like the Juice World and Ariana Grande and from fan-favourite Fortnite themes. But also it contains the Ariana Grande concerts, skins and items. And if not only that was enough, the team has also decided to add special-limited features, events, quests, rewards and whatnot. Thus, the Rift Tour musical journey might by far be the best exclusive event of all.

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