Arkane Studio’s Redfall Launching | 4 man shooter with vampires and magic

IMAGE CREDIT: Arkane Studio

Arkane Studio’s Redfall is launching and it is officially confirmed by the publishers. 4 man shooter with vampires and magic And the most important part is it’s coming next summer.

Arkane Studio’s Redfall

Arkane Austin, the developers of Prey are launching a new game named Redfall which is similar to Left 4 Dead but has vampires and magics with Stranger Things’ ’80s aesthetic. It was confirmed after the end of the Xbox and Bethesda E3 showcase.

The gameplay wasn’t showcased but we can get a good idea watching the trailer. The game Redfall and Xbox head Phil Spencer said it’s a game you can play either alone or with a group of friends (like L4D). The trailer shows us how to play. In the trailer, there is a group of four people is hanging out in a corner store with a dog-like robot. After that, we see them fighting groups of humans using a wide range of magical abilities and guns.

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Then a group of vampires attacks the group. Here the group uses special weapons. One weapon is like a stake gun that can impale vampires at a distance. Another special weapon can turn one to stone. It’s kinda inspired by Left 4 Dead with some special magical abilities.

Overall the game trailer is looking great. It was expected from Arkane and they didn’t disappoint us with Redfall. The game will be launched in Summer 2022 and this is all that we knew till now. Stay tuned with us for more leaks and updates.

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