Battle For Glory PUBG Mobile New Finals Zero Official Esports Theme Song Unveiled- Global Championship 2020

PUBG MOBILE recently announces its PMGC Finals Season Zero theme song Battle For Glory.

The team, PUBG MOBILE, has recently revealed their official PMGC ( PUBG MOBILE GLOBAL CHAMPIONSHIP) 2020 Finals Season Zero theme song Battle For Glory for the upcoming Esports event.

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The song’s name is ‘Battle For Glory’. It is an exciting thrilling song that lets the player’s emotion feel as if it was a mosquito caught in a spider’s web. The full version is not yet released but the teaser of it got released.

It is a 41-second teaser song that starts off low and then delivers the ultimate and exhilarating beat and tone. The theme song is on the team’s official Youtube channel ‘PUBG MOBILE Esports’.

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Battle for Glory Release Date

The theme song is not released only the teaser of it was. But we can expect the full version of the theme song to come out before the PMGC (PUBG MOBILE GLOBAL CHAMPIONSHIP) which will be on January 21st.

Obviously, the theme song is for the upcoming biggest Esports event. But players would prefer if it was Alan walker one since ” On My Way” was a major one. Although personally speaking, it is not quite half-bad.

In addition to the big Esports event, we are also getting the PMGC Finals Season Zero theme song and the intense battle fight that will take place among the top 16 teams. Although the song would be better if it was collabed with Alan Walker but we ignore the fact that the team is trying its best to please the audience.

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