BattleGrounds Mobile India Ban In India Along With PUBG? What Is Going On?

battlegrounds mobile india ban
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Battlegrounds Mobile India Ban: ‘BattleGrounds Mobile India’ (BGMI) is now the most hyped topic in India about gaming. After the announcement of the game, PUBG game lovers of India were so excited and happy. Their feelings expression reached through Twitter and Facebook posts.

BattleGrounds Mobile India Release Date

Finally the game got released on May 18, 2021 by Krafton.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India Ban Issue

Okay, now direct to the point. The game just got released and immediately a letter was submitted directly to India’s Prime Minister ‘Narendra Modi’ concerning to ban ‘BattleGrounds Mobile India’. Ninong Ering, who is MLA, 37-Pasighat West Assembly Constituency, Former MP, wrote the letter.

According to Ninong Ering, the game will steal data from India to China. Wait, the game is published by Krafton and it is a Korean company! So why is he thinking that? This is because Kafton and Tencent company work together for PUBG Mobile. And Tencent company is a Chinese company. Ninong Ering tells that according to Indian data, PUBG Mobile is sharing PUBG Mobile data with Krafton. So there is a great chance that it would happen vice versa for BattleGrounds Mobile India.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India Ban Issue: Moreover, BattleGrounds Mobile India is not a totally new game. The game is a relaunch of PUBG Mobile with some New maps and changing the name of the weapons. But the features and other aspects of the game are the same as PUBG Mobile. Ninong Ering thinks this is a sneaky way to enter into India again for the Giant China Company Tencent. Therefore he requested to ban BattleGrounds Mobile India in India to save the user’s privacy and the country.

Last year, India banned PUBG Mobile with an allegation that Tencent Company steals data of Indian users through the game. This is to say Tencent Company is developed by PUBG Mobile and Published by Krafton. Though Tencent denied the statement and wanted to make PUBG Mobile run in India offering them Indian users would have their server in their own country. But the Indian Government banned the game. However, Battlegrounds Mobile India has its users server in India only.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India Ban issue has mixed reaction among players. So what will be this time? Will Battlegrounds Mobile India is going to ban or not? Let us wait and see as time goes on.

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