Battlegrounds Mobile India Downloaded Over 10M Times in Just Three Days Since Release

The new PUBG Mobile India game also known as Battlegrounds Mobile India has downloaded over 10 Million times in just three days after the official release of the game.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India

It was very big good news for all the Indians out there that theirs one of the most favorite mobile games PUBG has officially launched on the 2nd July. It is known as “Battlegrounds Mobile India” (BGMI). Battle Ground India is currently available for android users only but soon it will come for iOS users also. The most exciting part is that they have already surpassed 10 Million downloads in the region. To celebrate it, KRAFTON has released an outfit in the game called ‘Constable Set’ which will be added to the inventories of the players permanently.

Krafton has finally launched its long-awaited PUBG adaption for India; Battlegrounds Mobile India. The company had initially released the beta version of the game on 17th June. KRAFTON is the name of the publisher. The genre of the game is Battle royale game.

Battlegrounds Mobile India download file size is 721MB. But after downloading the game, you will be asked to select between a Low-spec Resource Pack and HD Resource Pack, which will take up another 379.6 MB or 618.2 MB, depending on the option which you choose. BGMI is now officially available on the Google play store.

The Deference Between PUBG and Battlegrounds Mobile India

The core concept of the game remains the same. But there are some minor changes in BGMI. Such as ‘kills’ now known as ‘finishes’ because there are a lot of below 18 audiences. Those who are under 18 will face some restrictions like they will need their parent’s or guardian’s permission. They are not be allowed to play the game for more than 3 hours per day and cannot spend more than INR 7000 daily.

There is an audio warning at the start of the game. Also if the players are not satisfied with the ping of the server they are currently playing on, Battlegrounds Mobile India will allow them to change the server. There will be so many exciting exclusive outfits and events. 

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