Beach Bomber Skin Fortnite Is Back, Cryptic, Mystify And Cyclo Also

Beach Bomber Skin Fortnite
Credit: Fortnite

So, the Beach Bomber skin is back again in Fortnite and the outfit lovers are highly excited. The set contains Beach Bomber outfit with a Brite Board. The Beach Bomber Skin Fortnite first revealed on season 9, 2019 and again now this is back.

Beach Bomber Skin Fortnite

Now it is high time to made the beach party bride. The Beach Bomber skin in Fortnite is a part of the Sunshine and Rainbow set. The skin is dressed up as pink and purple colored dress and grey short jeans and black shoe. She also wears a cap and there is rainbow shades on her cap and dress to make the outfit more summer and beach style. Obviously great to see the skin is back again!

Beach Bomber Skin Fortnite
Credit: Fortnite

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Beach Bomber Skin Fortnite Price

Beach Bomber Skin Fortnite Price is 1200 V-Bucks. The rarity is rare and this outfit is from the Sunshine and Rainbow set.

Besides this, Fortnite New LTM has come out on 21st June. The short-time modes have hit huge popularity among Fortnite lovers. Also, Fortnite Thanos Cup Rules and Thanos Skin revealed.

Sunshine and Rainbow Set

Along with Beach Bomber skin Fornite also brings Brite Stars and Payload. Brite Star is a beautiful purple gun wrap and Payload is a gliter. These all are part of Sunshine and Rainbow Set.

Sunshine and Rainbow Skin Set Price

The price of Brite Star is 300 V-Bucks and Payload is 500 V-Bucks respectively.

brite stars fortnite
Credit: Fortnite
payload fortnite
Credit: Fortnite

Cryptic Skin Fortnite

However, Fortnite did not only bring Beach Bomber Outfit, they also brought some other amazing outfits too. The Cryptic is back from season 9.


Cryptic Skin Fortnite Price and Cryptic Set

The price of Cryptic skin is 1200 V-Bucks. Its Back Bling Spectral skin looks so cool. Enigma Wrap has been brought also from the Cryptic set. The price of Enigma Wrap is 500 V-Bucks.

cryptic skin fortnite
Credit: Fortnite
enigma fortnite
Credit: Fortnite

Mystify Skin Fortnite

Remember Mystify Skin? The skin is from chapter 2 of season 2. The Mystify Skin is back and its Back bling is Skeletal Wings.

Mystify Skin Fortnite Price

The price of the skin is 1200 V-Bucks.

mystify skin fortnite
Credit: Fortnite

Cyclo Skin Fortnite

Cyclo skin is here also from chapter 2, season 2. The cyclo skin is back with Windshear Cloak Back Bling.

Cyclo Skin Fortnite Price

This Cyclo skin is the highest price for today’s deal and this costs 2000 V-Bucks.

cyclo skin fortnite
Credit: Fortnite

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