Black Ops Cold War Settings Update, February 13 Patch Notes, Bug Fixes And Many More

black ops february 13 patch notes

Black Ops Cold War features February 13 patch notes settings update: RC -XD restricted in League play, bug fixes, and updates.

So, Treyarch has recently launched their patch notes on February 13 which will include the league update, bug fixes across the MP and updates in Zombies mode, and many others.

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For Global


  • Fixed the problem where the League Play Button would show up in Combat Record.
  • Fixed the problem wherein the Challengers menus. All non-master calling cards showed negative values.

For Multiplayer


  • Fixed the problem where getting a hardpoint outside the zone in Express Hardpoint was difficult.

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League Play

Scorestreaks In The Game

  • RC-XD restricted.

Friendly Fire

  • The penalty of getting kick from the team after 2 attempted teamkills
  • Also, Friendly Fire will transfer to return fire if 2nd teamkill is attempted.

February 13 Patch Notes


  • ‘Results Processing’ added to the game.
  • Updated Visuals on ” Processing Ladder Result”.
  • Also, fixed the problem where players got the wrong display details from the previous League Play event.
  • Fixed the problem where players could not scroll up and down the league ladder.


  • Fixed the problem where players would be teleported out of the map while players interact with the teleported player in the village area.
  • Fixed the problem where players could stand on top of the Crafting Table.

Recently the devs are continuously providing back to back updates on Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War. The game has a lot of fan base. So updating with the bugs and bringing something new is always good. It feels the game is alive and fresh.

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