Bodhi GTA 5 Online, Where To Get It, Price, Features, Top Speed & More

Today we will talk about the famous Bodhi GTA 5 truck. We will discuss the ins and outs of the car including the performance, design, speed, downside, where to fin Canis Bodhi on GTA Online, how to replace it, and everything.

The Design

The Canis Bodhi’s design is based upon Land Rover Series III front, Kaiser M715 from real life.

Bodhi GTA 5 Performance

The Bodhi’s body is sturdy and solid. It is a reflection of its apparent military background.  The front has a utilitarian design with a bumper, tow hooks, protective frames, and a grille that covers the lights. The hood is fairly flat, with a vent section at the windshield.

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Talking about the front side of the Bodhi, it includes wide fender arches with square mirrors which show the rearview.  There is also an open cabin with a grey/chrome roll box with four floodlights. You can toggle the intensity of the headlights to make them brighter. You can see additional frames above the seats and on the doors.

The rear area has mainly a truck bed with side hooks and two storage boxes. It can be used as additional seats. There is also a rear tailgate, circular tail lamps, and a rear tailgate.

Top Speed

The top speed of Bodhi GTA 5 is 98.75 MPH or 158.92 KM/H

Bodhi GTA 5 Vehicle Type

The GTA 5 bodhi is an off-road vehicle and climbs the hills and rocks. By upgrading the performance of the car, you can make it more smooth for off-road.

The Downside Of The Bodhi GTA5

The car is open-sided and that is the major downside. It leaves the driver open to the gunshot. Also, the car has no roof.

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How to get Bodhi on GTA Online

You can steal the Bodhi on GTA online. There is a mission to steal some myth in Dirt Road. On the side of the dirt road, you can find the vehicle is parked. From there you can get the vehicle.

Bodhi GTA 5 Online Price

Also, if you are in GTA online Mod, visit Southern Sanandreas Superautos and you will find the car Canis Bodhi. And actually, the car is comparatively very cheap in terms of pricing at only $25000.

In the story mode, the truck Bodhi was Travor’s main personal vehicle. So, the Truch Canis Bodhi will be with you from the start of the game.

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Bodhi GTA 5 Customozation

The Bodhi GTA 5 car can be customized in a great way because there is a lot of option for this car to make Bodhi looks finer and durable. You have the option to choose colors, armors, breaks bumpers, chassis, engine, Genders, Grilles, Hoods, horns, Headlights, and many more.

Bodhi GTA 5 Release Date

The release date of Bodhi GTA 5 is September 2013.

GTA Online Bodhi Selling Price

You can sell Bodhi for $15000 if you buy the vehicle. So you can make 60% money from the buying price which was $2500. Otherwise, if you steal the Bodhi, you can sell the car for $2500.

Canis Bodhi GTA Information Details
Vehicle Type Off-Road
Manufactured Canis
GTA Online Price $25000
Where To Get Canis Bodhi In GTA Online Can be stolen from mission or Purchase
Bodhi Selling Price GTA Online If Purchase $15000
Bodhi Selling Price If Stolen $2500
Weight2600 KG
Drive TrainAWD
Real Life Care (Based On)Land Rover Series III, Kaiser M715

Canis Bodhi Stats


Overall Score 57.62

Bodhi GTA 5 Replace

A few steps you need to go through to replace Bodhi on GTA with Mods. To Replace Bodhi on GTA you can check this video as follows:

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