Britestorm Bomber Skin Fortnite Bundle, Design, Release Date, Price, Back Blings And Weapons

Fortnite new skin bundle, Britestorm Bomber Bundle set has just recently been announced. Moreover, it is a dual set with 4 back blings and weapons.

The Britestorm Bomber skin bundle has two skins with different back blings and weapons skin. And the character design itself is the complete opposite of each other. Also, it was firstly inspired by a Fortnite artist called SweetRabbit and was released on 19th February of this current year. As one is an outfit you would wear on a summer day. And the other an outfit that you would wear on a chilly, midnight’s eve. And the skin has received a good reaction from the audience also.

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Release Date

The release date of Britestorm Bomber Bundle is 19th February 2021.


The price of the outfit is 15000 V-Bucks.

Design And Details Of Britestorm Bomber Skin Bundle

It is a pink-colored upper outfit and lowers jogging pants or something in the lower body. Along with a pink hat and sunglasses in addition.

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And the other one as mentioned previously is the complete opposite of that. It is a completely black outfit with a water bottle or something attached to its right leg. And also has some sort of tattoo design on her eyes.

Back Blings And Weapons Of Britestorm Bomber Skin Bundle

The bundle set has in total 2 back blings and 2 weapons. And they are as follows:

  • Back Bling Gordo- It is a light green-color, the shape of a unicorn, back bling with a rainbow design on its middle.
  • Harvesting tool: Breezy Bashers: It has a similar design to that of the back bling. And is a light sky or green-colored dual weapon. With a green-yellow and red design attached beside its neck.

The rest of the other two is exactly the same except it has a different color and design. Made with the concept to contradict each other.

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