Players Can Avoid Flashes in Valorant Using Nvidia Geforce Feature

Valorant using Nvidia Geforce
Valorant using Nvidia Geforce

A recent Reddit post by a user has explained a Valorant game-breaking bug that can make in-game flashes useless using Nvidia GeForce Feature. Nvidia’s “Hide Head-Up Display” feature completely disables every flash animation along with removing the mini-map, the ability HUD, and the score HUD.

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Players Avoid Flashes in Valorant Using Nvidia Geforce Feature

Nvidia GeForce Experience is the companion software to your GeForce GTX Graphics cards. It helps you to optimize your game, keep your drivers updated, and gives the easiest way to share your best game plays with your fans.

The user showed the glitch by the newest agent in VALORANT, KAY/0. His flash was running very smoothly without any bug while the feature was turned off. It made the screen bright with green and yellow lights for several seconds. But after activating the “Hide Head-Up Display” feature of NVIDIA, his flash barely even made an impact on the screen. KAY/0’s vision was on full visibility when his flash was triggered. It seems like a little explosion of Raze’s Satchel.

This breath-breaking glitch may also work with other flashy agents in the game, including Breach, Phoenix, Skye, and Yoru. Though it does not seems to be effective for the nearsighted flashes like Reyna’s Leer or Omen’s Paranoia

Players can easily abuse this bug in Valorant using Nvidia GeForce feature that can create a very bad impact on the game. They can pick a rushed corner after flashing the opponents along with the player himself. Then, he can take the advantage of totally not getting flashed and get free frags by killing the blinded enemies.

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Valorant’s newest patch 3.0 was released a few days ago, on 22nd this month. They introduced a new agent named KAY/0 and also changed a lot of things in the game including agent updates, weapon cost updates, competitive rank system change, etc.

We believe, Riot will come up with a fix very soon to stop players abusing this method.

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