Call Of Duty Season 5, Black Ops Map, Trailer, Bundle, Mode & Weapon

Call Of Duty Season 5 has rolled off today in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War with loads of content such as special events, maps, modes, battle pass and much more.

Starting on August 12th, Activision has launched their latest season 5 in Call Of Duty Warzone And Black Ops Cold War. The new seasons include content such as the new multiplayer maps and modes, zombie items and features, operators, weapons, bundle, a special event called “Midseason Event”. And of course the Call Of Duty Battle Pass at the end. Below are the full description and information regarding the new season contents.

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Double Agent Mode

Starting with 10 players in this mode, Double Agent is a special mode that features 2 Double spies/traitor/ Agents on each particular match. And not only that, there are three roles in this mode and players are suggested to play and understand these three rules properly to win the unique and amazing mode.

Double Agents Role

Players assigned with this role have to either blast off the entire place on the map or have to at least exterminate everyone remaining on the map.

Investigator Role

This role will allow players to suspect and target the Double Agents according to the proper evidence found.

Operatives Role

And finally, this role is quite simple yet difficult as it states players to simply cooperate, gather information and seek out the Double Agents, eventually leading to victory.

Apart from that, there is also the Demolition mode which is a 2v2 battle royale match. And also the Echelon mode ( 6v6), slums (6v6), Showroom ( 2v2/3v3), Drive-in ( 6v6) and Zoo mode (6v6).

Operator Name And Details

In total, there are three operators released in Season 5 so far and they are as follows:

  • Kitsune: Warsaw Pact ( Launch)
  • Stryker: Nato ( in-season)
  • Hudson: Nato (in season)

Call Of Duty Season 5 Weapons

4 major weapons have been launched in the new season. They are :

  • a assault rifle called “EM2” (Still in launch)
  • a Smg Weapon called Tec-9 (Launch)
  • melee Weapon called Cane ( Launch)
  • Marshal Secondary weapon ( In Season)
  • a support weapon “Flamethrower” in Scorestreak

Call of Duty Season 5 Battle Pass And Price

The Battle Pass of Call Of Duty Season 5 is yet to be revealed.

Although, the Double XP and the Double Battle Pass XP will be available at August 6th, 10 AM PT along with August 9th, 10 AM PT in the game’s official channel.

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Call Of Duty Season 5 Perks

Two perks have been added in the latest season. They are the Combat Scout And Tempered. Their function is as follows:


As soon as the Operator is under the new perk “Tempered”, the Armor plates will become twice as heavier and stronger.

Combat Scout

This new perk not only helps players in receiving in-field intel but also in damaging the opponent.

Call Of Duty Zombie Content

Additionally, the team has also released a new outbreak region called “Collateral”. A new Outbreak vehicle “Tank”, the equipment “Grapple Gun” along with zombie perks, field upgrades and a brand new outbreak objective.

Call Of Duty Warzone Modes And Map Updates

Besides, there are also several major updates done to the new map “Mobile Broadcast Stations” in terms of terrain and structure. Also, a new mode called “Clash” is added along with the new Gulag called “Rush”.

Personal Preview And Opinion

And that is all about the new Call Of Duty season 5. Honestly speaking, the team has really done an excellent job with the new content, features and events. And also with the new battle pass items and bundles.

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