Chaos Theory Loba Skin, Rampart And Horizon Skins In Apex Legends Are Marvelous

chaos theory skins
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This trio Chaos Theory new skins of Loba, Rampart, and Horizon are spectacular to look at. Specially Chaos Theory Loba skin is simply looking great with the headgear.

Apex Legends have recently launched the new trio skin of Loba, Rampart, and Horizon. And it will be available at the Chaos Theory Collection Event on Tuesday, 9th March.

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Design And Details

First of all, let us talk about the skins. The skins are all perfect and amazing. We can clearly see that the team really did a good job this time. The skin is all golden and vested up making it looking like Gladiators warriors in the Colosseum if said in simpler terms. But without putting a pause, let us get in direct with the skins.

Chaos Theory Rampart Skin

First of all, let us talk about players’ favorite Rampart. It is mostly a black and golden-colored outfit with amazing accessories added to her appearance and also the purple-red mixed makeup on her face.

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Chaos Theory Loba Skin

Followed by Rampart is Loba, which is the complete opposite design of Rampart. It is a beautiful full green-golden-colored outfit along with the helmet on top of it.

Chaos Theory horizon Skin

And lastly, the Horizon skin. This skin is the same as Loba skin except for its color in particular looks easing to the eye as the colors are quiet you could say transparent or liquifying making it shiny or looking brighter.

Although, the skins are all perfect. The Horizon skin in particular is amazing with its transparent and liquid color. However, the Chaos Theory Loba skin makes it stand out.

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