Chaos Theory Skins Apex Legends New Revenant Skin, Gibraltar Skin, Loba Skin, Pathfinder Skin, Mastiff Skin And Spitfire

This is about the new Apex Legends skin called the “Chaos Theory Skins” and about the changes and updates brought to the game.

Chaos Theory Skins Collection

Apex Legends has recently released their new skins collection called the “Chaos Theory” as mentioned previously and also made changes and updates to the game regarding Loba, Mastiff, and others. Below is the full description of it.

Chaos Theory Skins

Firstly, talking about the Chaos Theory skins, The skin consists of in total of 4 skins and the other 2 gun skins. And the skin is as follows:

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Revenant Skin

This one is mainly white and blue colored along with the golden color to go with it. Making it look like rich, futuristic robot vibes to it.

Gibraltar Skin

The Gibraltar skin is a full red skin with two huge wings behind its back along with the huge-knot red rope around its waist.

Loba Skin

The Loba skin is a green and golden colored skin with a red-golden helmet on top of her to go along with it. Making her look like the typical spartan warrior.

Pathfinder Skin

The skin is black, red, and golden-colored skin similar to Gibraltar, along with massive two golden wings attached to its back.


The Mastiff skin or otherwise the gun skin is a beautiful golden, red, and colored designed gun.

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And lastly, another black golden-colored gun skin similar to that of Mastiff. Except it is more beautiful personally speaking and with the circular, some sort of logo on its edgy side makes it even more good and cool.

All changes and updates in the game

There are in total 5 changes and updates to the game and they are as follows:


First one is the Loba change where the team finally fixes the issue where Loba could not teleport to some areas.


And this one is the little buff that Wingman gets. Here, Wingman can now get one extra bullet in its magazine.


Mastiff’s fire rate has increased from 1.0-1.1. Along with its pellet damage decreasing from 13-11.

Nox Gas Grenade

In this one, the Nox Gas Grenade cooldown has increased from 2.5 minutes to 3.5 minutes.

Nox Gas

The damage rate of the Nox Gas is now set as 5 hp rather than 6 hp or more than that.

And these are all the skins, changes, and updates coming to the game. Although quite a few players are dissatisfied with this.

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