PUBG US Contest: Chicken Dinner design contest to get shot at winning $2000

PUBG US Chicken Dinner Design Contest: Plan THE NEW CHICKEN DINNER MASCOT TO WIN $2,000

Firstly, this is your chance! In addition to If you’re a novice, or a talented artist, PUBG US on PUBG US contest, want to see it if you have a brilliant idea. When you can get your idea down in a drawing that’s great – they’ll pick their favorite and the crowd will vote. Furthermore, the winning model will see their mascot as a plush toy come to life and will earn $2,000!

So, grab your opportunity now, 27 days left to complete the registration.

PUBG has been a very popular game and holding its position in top video game criteria Not only US but this game is one of the most popular game all over the world. To clarify, PUBG US twitted they are bringing up a contest is US. So, all you need to fill up your entry form.

Click Here and Join the Contest

Here are some tips we have added to you may take a look:

PUBG tips for acing Battlegrounds. That is to say, PUBG can get a touch of overpowering. Particularly for learners, so here’s a once-over of the rudiments that you have to know. So, some valuable stuff that it truly assists with getting to grasps with right on time.

Acing the fundamentals: setting up and essential controls

  1. Firstly, make sure to take care of your weapon (the X key on PC), which means you can run six percent quicker.
  2. Secondly, in the pre-game, remove your shoes! Shoe less running is similar speed as running with shoes, however you’re observably calmer on most surfaces.
  3. Thirdly, to refuel, the vehicle should be totally static, yet you can even now refuel from inside the vehicle by right-tapping the canister in your stock.
  4. Use map markers consistently, and get out explicit headings (numbers just as North/South/East/West) when in a group.
  5. You can remain in the game’s voice visit, yet set your own talk to party-just – once in a while you’ll catch adversary groups who neglected to set theirs to private.
  6. Make sure to flip your pace of fire with the B key or left on the d-cushion when on the support.
  7. Furthermore, there are not two, yet three kinds of pointing. Hip fire, a more exact hip-fire (holding right mouse-button), and pointing down-sights (‘ADS’, by tapping right mouse-button). You’ll likewise have the option to change the settings to go directly to ADS by holding right-click as opposed to flipping it on/off.

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