COD Mobile Season 5 will Release with a New Perk, Called Gung-Ho

COD Mobile Season 5
Image Via Call of Duty Mobile

The developers have confirmed that the new perk Gung-Ho will be released on COD Mobile Season 5. The new season is set to be launched on 28th of this month.

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COD Mobile Season 5: New Perk Gung-Ho

We got the first impression of the newest perk Gung-Ho after a public test that happened on the last season of the game. Completing a seasonal challenge is mandatory to get your hand on the newest perk. Players have to play and complete several tasks to unlock it.

Gung-Ho will allow players to hip fire their weapon, change ammo while sprinting, and also throw grenades. It should be one of the most used loadouts by the players after the release of COD Mobile Season 5.

COD Mobile Season 5: Other Updates

If we keep the new perk aside, several updates, changes, and new features will also be introduced in COD Mobile season 5.

New Multiplayer Maps on COD Mobile Season 5

There will be 3 new maps that will launch after the official release of COD Mobile Season 5.

  1. Suldal Harbor- It will be a medium-sized tactical map arranged with shipping crates, narrow alleyways, and close quarter interiors. Supported in 5v5 and 10v10 play.
  2. Docks- It will be a small-sized map with plenty of vertical play.
  3. Aniyah Incursion- This map will locate in a luxurious palace interior surrounded by military supplies and housings.

New Multiplayer Mods on COD Mobile Season 5

Two new multiplayer game mods are also confirmed to be launched in the new season.

  1. Cranked: Confirmed- This mode is a mix of Cranked and Kill Confirmed. Players will be eliminated if they do not get any kills within a particular time frame.
  2. Ground Mission- Ground mission is a new domination mode. The mode can be played on 10v10 with 5 individual captures point.

Activision has confirmed that the new COD Mobile Season five will release on June 28 at 7 pm CT with the code name Deepwater. The new season will also introduce a new battle pass with 50 tiers, 4 epic characters. weapons, and many more.

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