Conquistador Wattson Skin Apex Legends Release Date, Design, Abilities And Other Details

The new Conquistador Wattson skin Apex Legends looks beautiful and remarkably awesome.

On 6th March, Saturday, Apex Legends has officially released their brand new skin called the ” Conquistador Wattson” skin which will be available on March 9th, Tuesday in the Chaos Theory Collection Event.

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Although, players already know about the skin it has been shown in the Chaos Theory Collection Event. But what we have not yet been given details of its design abilities and others. Below are the design and abilities of it.

Design And Abilities Of The Conquistador Wattson Skin Apex Legends

The teaser of the skin has been already released. And judging by the teaser. We can say that it is an electrified powered suit that can oy be activated by putting two long poles in between your target and then defeating them by zapping.

conquistador wattson skin apex
Image Credit: Apex Legends

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And as far as the design of the Conquistador Wattson Skin Apex is related, players have already seen a glimpse of it but as mentioned previously we have not had yet a closer look at it. And as shown and judged by the teaser, we can definitely say it is a beautiful black-blue colored power suit harmonized perfectly together. Along with the huge pole which is most probably a battery which is the main source of her power may be and a helmet-like item in the middle of that “battery”.

Although, the skin has been released and it is a joyful day for the Horizon mains. But still it is also quite a dissatisfying moment also as with the nerf of the Horizon.

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