Counterattack Weapon Skin Set 2021 is Launched In Valorant- Release Date, Splash Art, In Details And Everything

counterattack weapon skin valorant

Recently, the devs, reveals a launch of the counterattack weapon skin set which will be available on Jan 13th.

In Episode 2 Act, the team has revealed the counterattack weapon skin set. Furthermore, it will be available in the store from January 13th to January 21st.

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Along with the release of the new Japanese 14th agent, players are already excited as it is. However, the thrill gets real when players hear about the weapon skin set along with the new Agent.

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Details of the weapon skin set

No further information has been given regarding the weapon skin set except than that it has five skin set. Moreover, those 5 weapon skin set includes a pistol, an SMG weapon, a sniper, and two other rifles.

The appearance of the Weapon skin set in Details

  1. Starting with the skin set first comes the beautiful pistol. The color of the gun is white. The pistol is a little bit of golden color and the design is beautiful.
  2. The pistol skin is good, but the SMG doesn’t lose either. It is a beautiful multi-colored gun with for example- a little bit of black, white golden, and others mixed in with it.
  3. Then comes up the black and red-colored rifle which you will firstly be captivated by its golden design in the middle.
  4. And another same rifle except it is, personally speaking, the beautiful rifle out of the other rifle. It is a purple-black color. The rifle is with a little bit of other colors mix with it.
  5. And lastly, the sniper comes. The sniper, out of all the weapon skin, looks the best with its black colored spread throughout the body with a little bit of blue in the middle. Giving it a sort of otherworldly, mystical look in it.

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