CS:GO Major Tournament Might Also be Moving Out of Stockholm, Reports Say

CS:GO major tournament can move out of Stockholm due to visa problems due to the ongoing pandemic situation.

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CS:GO Major Tournament Switching from Stockholm

CS:GO Major Tournament 2021 was supposed to be held in Stockholm. Though, Sweden has not mentioned esports under the sports banner yet. So it means esports pros cannot gain the same exemptions to travel as traditional sports stars can.

Sweden is one of the countries with the toughest esports roots. But due to pandemic restrictions, it has made everyone more cautious also the government agencies.

Silviu Stroie, CEO of PGL, several times said in an email that “There is no new development, we can decide any day to move it from Sweden. We are still hopeful of getting the exemption we requested to bring in the players, but there has been no indication at all as to whether it will happen or not.” There is no doubt that PGL wants to run another CS:GO major tournament. They have been involved with both Cluj-Napoca and Krakow previously. The event is set to boast a $2M prize pool.

 After the long LAN drought esports has experienced now there has been massive interest in the event. The news had a very strong reaction from the Swedish esports federation. There is likes of Jonathan “Loda” Berg and Ninjas in Pyjamas CEO Hicham Chahine. Their thoughts are also mutual. They are now with it that this issue has to be solved. They also want a resolution decision must come before Friday of this week if there is a hope of happening it as planned in Stockholm.

“It would contribute to a greatly reduced reputation for arranging major international esports tournaments in Sweden,” they are quoted as saying in Expression. “With this letter, we want to call on responsible ministers, ministries, and committees to follow up on the promises made and implement the changes required for e-sports events to be implemented in Sweden.”

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