Cuddle King Skin Fortnite Price, Release Date And Everything. All Are Your Valentine!

cuddle king skin fortnite

The Cuddle King has arrived! Fortnite just launched their new Cuddle King Skin and it looks so pretty and so pinkish.


The design feels like, Yes, Valentine’s day is knocking at the door. The design concept is spreading love. That is why the outfit is full of pink color. Look at the sunglasses. The picture of love! His hair is also kind of pink colored. The skin has tattoos covered in both hands. The outfit is pinkish pants with a white T-shirt. The T-shirt contains a black colored logo of the love sign.

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Cuddle King Skin Fortnite

Seems like a thunderstorm is going on in the heart. Why not? Fortnite launched the Wild hearts set which includes some unique skins along with other items. All the items basically showcasing the love form. Talking about the Cuddle King, there is a wool jacket that is also pink covering the body. The glass and the jacket gave the skin a pretty smart look.

It has golden bordered color wings behind its back. Furthermore, it carries a black colored side bag on its right side. The shoes are also black and pink combination colored.


You can set two styles for this outfit. The default mode for Cuddle King is it includes a hoodie. You will have a hoodie covering your head. Another style is hood down.

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The cuddle King Skin in Fortnite adds two items to the pack. One is the dress and the other one is a bag named Stuffy Sack.


The price of the Cuddle King Skin is 1200 V-Bucks.

More On Cuddle King Skin Fortnite

Release Date

So, in fortnite, chapter 2, season 5 is currently running. The Cuddle King Skin is introduced in this season on February 9, 2021.

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