Cypher’s Cyber Cage Can Block Vandal Shots – A Reddit User Shows

A Reddit user shows a devastating Valorant in-game clip where Cypher’s Cyber Cage can block vandal Shots from incoming opponents’ bullets.

Cypher’s Cyber Cage Can Block Vandal Shots

The Reddit post got a huge engagement within a few hours. The Cypher player was in a crucial 1 vs 2 situation, trying to sneak a peak in Bind’s B elbow and slowly moving towards the main area. The Moroccan information broker noticed the opponent’s Jett hiding in the cubby. He quickly eliminated her by landing a quick headshot and made it a 1 vs 1 situation.

Valorant Vandal Headshot Damage

The final enemy was the opponent’s sage. She picked out from B long area to trade the Cypher after hearing her ally go down. The fast shot coming out from Sage’s Vandal was a clean headshot to him. But he threw off his cyber cage just before the shot connected to his head. Thus the vandal shot went through the Cyber Cage and the Valorant Vandal Headshot Damage was reduced to 136 from 160.

Throwing the Cyber cage was totally worthy as the Cypher could connect the next shot direct to Sage’s head to clutch out the round.

How to Use Vandal Valorant

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Cypher is a Moroccan surveillance agent that was on the top agent tier list for a long time. His abilities and gameplay styles are too potential for holding off enemies on the defensive side. He is also very good with information gathering about enemies’ positions. Cypher is seen in most of the pro scenario matches and in almost every rank-tier competitive match.

As we all know now Cypher’s Cyber Cage Can also Block Vandal Shots, now he even deserves more attention from the players.

Cypher Received a lot of buffs and nerfs since the day when the game was officially released. One of the most meta switching changes was introduced in game version 1.11 where Cypher’s Trapwire and Spycam can no longer be visible after his death in a round. Another big change was in the latest game version 3.0. The ultimate points required to use Neutral Theft was decreased to 7 to 6.

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