DC Superman Fortnite Skin: Items, Quests, Special Rewards Etc

Fortnite has dropped the new DC Superman skin in the game. The skin contains battle quests revealing Clark Kent memories along with several items and quests.

Starting off today, in the Item Shop, to obtain Superman skin Bundle and its variant with loads of items, rewards. Players will have to complete Battle Quest And Special Quest Clark Ken Outfit, Planet Back Bling, Emoticon, Superman Cape Back Bling, and more. Below is the full description of it.

How To Get The Superman Fortnite Skin?

To start off with, players will have to complete certain quests and even epic quests to obtain the outfit. And in the process of that, along with several rewards, you may also have to work with Armored Batman and Beast Boy to investigate deep in Superman’s Personal Life, etc. Below are the details of the rewards that you may obtain through the Quests. You can also check this new gorgeous Fortnite Crossover Marvel Gamora Skin which Fortnite has recently launched.

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Quest 1

The first quest involves seeing a proper look at Clark Kent’s memories either with Armored Batman or Beast Boy otherwise you may not receive the reward DC Superman Fortnite skin. And as for the compensation of the first quest, players will receive the ”Call To Action Emoticon”

Quest 3

And as usual, the second one also has to be done through Clark Kent, Armored Batman, or either Beast Boy. By completing three quests, you will receive the Superman Shield Spray as a reward.

Quest 5

By completing 5 Quests through Clark Kent, Armored Batman, or Beast Boy. Clark Kent remembers his past along with the Clark Kent Outfit.

Furthermore, you may also receive the Daily Planet Back Bling in exchange for surfing through the ring 3 times as Clark Kent.

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Phone Booth Quest

Completing this Quest will allow players to have not only the Secret Identity Emote but also the Superman Cape Back Bling that we discussed earlier.

Additionally, players can also start the matches as Superman in the locker, which is a cool and amazing feature for this Superman Fortnite skin!

Fortnite DC Epic Quests And Rewards

And as for the completion of Epic Quests, players will receive the variant of Superman and several items such as:

  • Kal-El’s Cape Glider
  • Superman Banner
  • Loading Screen of The Last Son Of Krypton
  • Pickaxe Solitude Striker
  • And the shadow variant at the end of Daily Planet Back Bling. Superman Cape Back Bling, pickaxe Solitude Striker

How to activate Superman Fortnite Skin In Match?

To activate Superman Fortnite skin simply choose the Secret Identity Emote to transform or either you can also transform in the locker and start off the match.

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