Dinka Verus Free On GTA Online, Double Rewards, Contact Misson RP, Start And End Date

Now Dinka Verus is free in GTA Online. Not only that, you will get double rewards if you do Open Wheel Races and Contact Missions and many more.

Reason, Why GTA Online Giving Rewards

So it turns out GTA Community is celebrating their efforts and hard work that they spent online over the year. Therefore they have arranged bonuses, gifts and so on. And now you get the chance to ride the new off-roader Dinka Verus and it is absolutely free.

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Limited Time Offer- Start Date And End Date

The time duration starts from 18th February 2021. And the last day is 3rd March 2021.

What is Dinka Verus

Obviously, Dinka Verus is a vehicle. It is an off-roader. The vehicle can remain undamaged from the obstacles like savage spins, brutal rolls, and more.

Dinka Verus Free On GTA Online

One of the important things is the vehicle is a two-seater. Therefore, if you want to carry your company or your injured friend.

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Get Double Cash, Contact Mission RP

So the game claims that the business is running great on the Southern part of San Andreas. So is the communication system. Now it is a lot easier to contact the GTA online community through iFruit. Get double rewards on all missions regarding contact. In other words, get a double bonus for Contact Missions.

You can request the community to get the missions. For request, do a trusted contact with the community. Also, you can launch a mission of choice by going Pause then Online then Jobs then Play Jobs then Rockster then Created then Missions.

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