Discord is Going to Add a New Feature Called Threads

Discord will be having a new feature called ‘Threads’ that will make the users be more convenient about talking and working on their specific topics.

How Discord New Feature ‘Threads’ Works

Discord is evolving and developing from the very first of its journey as it’s getting more and more popular. Discord is getting a new feature in the upcoming time. This social platform is going to add threads that are going to allow people with new ways to restructure their channels. Discord’s new thread feature will allow users to make sub-discussion on a particular topic within the channel that will keep conversations focused on your server. But as it is still in the test phase so users have to wait to get this feature.

According to the news shared by TechRadar, threads will work with a new icon that will be seen over messages on your discord channel. By clicking the “new” button, a new thread will be created which can be named as per the topic you want to discuss in this particular thread. There are also some other customizing options. You can also set how long a thread will last. After that time the thread will be automatically archived. 

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The threads will be listed in the channel so even if you close out from a thread you can again enter that thread from the following list at the bottom of the main channel. 

Discord’s new thread feature will let people reply directly to others’ conversations. At first, it may seem that your channel will be messy with numerous threads, you may think it will be chaos in your channel. But if you observe deeply, this new feature will allow you to separate side talks and other topics from the main subject of your channel. People can have separated gossip on a particular topic in the thread. 

As it is still being tested, it is still not sure when this feature will be released. So users have to wait a while for this Discord’s new thread feature.

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