Doom 3 VR Edition Official release by Play Station

Doom 3 VR Edition is coming officially on 29 March 2021 and it’s confirmed by Play Station as they tweeted a short teaser of Doom 3 in VR.

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Doom 3 is a first-person shooter video game published by Activision and developed by id software. It’s a horror-type game and first came in 2004. In this game, a military-industrial in Mars has built a research center where they do many scientific things such as teleportation, biological research, and advanced weapons design. But they find many difficulties to do their work peacefully.

They have to fight through many waves of aliens, zombies, and much more. All come with different abilities and difficulties. Players have to survive this and to survive, they can 10 types of gun. Such as firearms such as a submachine gun, shotgun and grenades, experimental plasma weaponry, and the powerful BGF 9000 and chainsaw weapons of the Doom franchise.

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DOOM 3 VR Edition

After more than a decade of Doom 3, finally, Doom 3 VR Edition is launching officially by Play Station. The game is retooled for Play Station VR technology. Many Resurrection of evil, new missions, and experiments by UAC will be discovered. This game will be updated in graphics and adds several features to improve its functionality with VR headsets, like a 180-degree quick-turn to respond to demons and a wrist-mounted display so the player can track vitals like energy, armor, and ammo.

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This is the second VR-ready game after Doom VFR. This demon-killing killing horror-type game will be released on 29 March 2021. It will be also playable in Play Station 5 and Play Station 4 as well.

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