The new patch note 7.28 reveals a new Hero, Hoodwink, and Afghani’s shard along with others.

The game, Dota 2, has announced its Mistwood updates launch on December 17th, 2020. In Patch note 7.28, it features a new hero Hoodwink and Afghani’s Shard.

The new Hero, Hoodwink, lives in a haunted forest. The forest is full of threat’s which she likes to eliminate with her massive crossbow and lightning-like speed. The power she possesses is impossible to keep track of.

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Introduction of Hoodwink (Patch Note 7.28)

A vast and greenery kingdom called ‘Krimwohl’ is occupied by greedy barons. They wish nothing but to devour the forest’s surrounding border. The people living in the forest had no choice other than to surrender, defend their homes, or flee north. Then here comes Hoodwink. She strikes her enemies with her massive arrow taking down their belongings. Also helping the remaining survivors to live peacefully again in the Kingdom of ‘Krimwohl.’

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Hoodwink’s Ability: Acorn Shot:

Hoodwink shoots an Acorn at her enemies, which bounces, slowing down the enemy along with additional damage. She can also use it on ground-targeted to create a tree, but then, however, the extra bounce will be lost.

AGHANIM’S Shard and others:

In the 7.28 patch, devs also added the AGHANIM’S Shard, which cost 1400 Gold. Apart from that, it also gives all heroes a new permanent ability or improves the current one. Players can also purchase this item at 20 minutes and give them to their individual hero (like AGHANIM’S Blessing).

Players can also check what Scepter and Shard do for the individual hero directly in the Hero UI next to the hero’s abilities, along with which ones are active. Consumed Scepter buffs will also not show up if the buff icon gets to mix with other buffs. You can also notify your allies whether the selected hero of yours owns that upgrade or not by Alt-Clicking on the Scepter and Shard UI.

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