Everything You Need To Know About Valorant 2.09 Patch Notes


Valorant has recently launched the patch notes 2.09 in the game with lots of update regarding- bugs, glitches, map, and of course Viper!

Everything You Need To Know About Valorant 2.09 Patch Notes is the massive updates/changes in the new patch notes. In the new 2.09 Patch Notes, it includes a lot of upgrades and updates such as Viper Buff, changes to the map and to the game system, weapons, and at the end of course the various bug fixes and glitches existing in the game. Below is the full and short description of them:

Balance of the Agent Viper in the new Valorant 2.09 Patch Notes

As we all know, Valorant is giving Viper a buff to stabilize/balance her through the Agent’s ability, Toxin. The main purpose of it is to cut off the instability of the ability, to provide better gameplay and fair play among the opposite enemy. Such as when the ability, Toxin is activated, the enemy tends to completely ignore it and advance. Thus, the team has balanced the ability off to about from 50-30, about 20 less for the stability, gameplay, and a lot in consideration.

Valorant 2.09 Patch Notes Changes In Map

The changes is not that drastically huge or something. The team has just simply:

  • Fixed the visual issue bug above Mid-Wood Doors And Metal Doors
  • Fixed the player collision issue in different sorts of location on the map
  • Fixed the player issue in the Sage’s Wall and Mechanical Doors of Breeze

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Everything You Need To Know About Valorant 2.09 Patch Notes System Updates

In this new update, there are about 13 upgrades/changes to the system in the game. Everything You Need To Know About Valorant 2.09 Patch Notes is down below:

  • Timeouts added in the Tournament Mode Custom Games
  • Minimum 2 timeouts are now allowed per team
  • Timeouts now will last up to 60 seconds
  • Timeouts currently now enable freeze player movements throughout the end
  • Pause Match Timer added to the game for certain circumstances
  • Fixed the visual issue with bullet tracers and impact effects
  • Fixed the team color issue for the Observers
  • Fixed color names of players in accordance with team color
  • Added the End Game Phase and Pause Match Time in Custom Games
  • Fixed the rope ascenders issue for better gameplay
  • Added slight adjustment to UI in the game
  • Fixed the weapon reloading issue after picking up orbs
  • Fixed Audio issue

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Agent Bugs

As we all know, that the Agents tend to have a bug or two in the game. So, to counter that, in the new update, 7 Agent Updates has been applied in the game. Below are the full details:

  • Fixed the bug issue of Astra’s ability, Nebula
  • Fixed the bullet issue problem of Sova’s Owl Drone
  • Fixed the issues of the miscalculated damage icons in the feed
  • Fixed the issue with Killjoy’s Nanoswarm audio
  • Fixed the issue of Skye’s Seekers bug, where the damaged enemies would not be displayed
  • Fixed the issue with Omen ability and weapon
  • Fixed the issue with Killjoy’s Alarmbot

Competitive Bug Fixes

The total 3 Bug Fixes are as follows:

  • Fixed the bug where players rank would not be displayed in the Act Rank badge
  • Fixed the issue where rank rates would be displayed according to Previous Acts

Apart from that, there is also quite the minor bug and glitches fixed in the game after the update.

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