Fall Guys Season 4, New Modes, New Challenges, Outfit, Bugfixes And Others

Fall Guys Season 4 is here and it brings with it alot of items and features along with modes, challenges, bug fixes etc.

Fall Guys Season 4 has just been released recently by the team on 22nd March. And it includes new currency, 2 new modes, new types of round, daily challenges and also bug fixes at the end.

Details of the Fall Guys Season 4

In the new Fall Guys Season 4, there is a brand new 2 types of mode which is the sports mode and the squads mode. Apart from that, there is also a new round type called Squad Race, Squad Survival, new currency, daily challenges to get rewards and also bug fixes at the end of the patch notes.

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Design & further details of the Fall Guys Season 4


A new mode that is added to the game is the sports mode where players will obviously catch the ball and throw it in the hoop with their teams while competing against the opponents.

Squads Mode

This mode is as the name suggests a squad mode and it has an interesting and amazing features which is that if the team wins/loses together as a squad of 4.

Squad Race

This is a new types of round where the individual players have to get points for their squad by getting to the finish line. Because the highest scoring points that the squad has will proceed to the next stage while the lowest scoring points squad will get eliminated. Basically it depends on the performance of a member of the squad.

Squad Survival

This round is quite different than the first one as in players will now have to stay out of the slime in the game. And as usual, the lowest scoring teams or squads will get eliminated, so players can use this to their advantage.

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New Currency

In the new season, there is a new type of currency, where players can collect 60 crown shards and convert them to a shiny crown. Furthermore, players can also collect shards by completing the Challenges and Squads.

New Daily Challenges

Players can now officially get tons of new Challenges to earn an immense amount of fame and crown shards, provided if they log in every day.

Support Site

Besides, the team has also arranged a support site, so that players can launch a glitch or bugs or something any sort of suspicious thing. So that the team can fix it promptly.

Bug Fixes

For the new Season, the team has fixed several amount of bugs. Below are the important and popular list of it:

  • Fixed Beans issue by making them tougher, so that they do not flow into another direction or gets past in mid-air
  • Fixed Jumping issues
  • Fixed quite a few errors related ledge-climbing
  • Fixed physics performance
  • Fixed the character behaviour issue
  • Fixed the elimination issue, where players can now quit after getting eliminated
  • Fixed test displaying issue
  • Fixed the issue where players would get eliminated during Slime Climb
  • Fixed Network traffic issues
  • Fixed Camera issues

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New Outfit

Apart from that, there is also a new outfit that will be available in the Store called the Godzilla. It is a black and yellow colored Godzilla suit, which will be available in 24th March and will cost about 10 crowns.

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